Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ephemeral Review



The last memory that Laken remembers is her going through her car's windshield on her way to her cheating boyfriend's house to confront him.  When she gains consciousness,  she finds herself implanted in a new reality where her long dead boyfriend and brother are alive, has a sister and parents that she's never met in her life, and attends a new school called Ephemeral.  Wesley, her dead boyfriend from her other reality, convinces her that her fall from the tree is causing her memory loss.  However, the more she discovers about this new reality, the more she believes that her old reality was a real one and that she was placed in her new life for a reason.  In her journey to find out the truth, Laken meets Cooper Flanders who believes her without a doubt and helps her with unraveling the mysteries of her new reality. 

My thoughts:

LOVED LOVED LOVED THE STORY !!!!  I think I found a new author that I would love to follow.  I was captivated by the book from start til end.  A definite page turner and full of surprises and suspense.  The world that Addison Moore created was very interesting and amazing.  I've come to love all the characters especially Laken and Cooper Flanders.  YES..COOPER FLANDERS ALL THE WAY.  The writing style and narration was very enthralling.  The way that the author wrote about the heroine's every thoughts and feelings allowed me to better connect with the character.  I also loved the intensity of the love triangle.  I loved Laken's devotion to Wes and also her growing feelings for Cooper.  Craving for the next book already.


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